MUSIC VIDEOGAMES | The new kind of music games using actual instruments for learning to actually play them, is now finally here, with Rocksmith being the very first of its kind. The game already launched for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 last week (on October 18th - same day as Batman: Arkham City, by the way). Apart from just the game and a 1/4 inch to USB cable adapter for hooking up the guitar to the console, the game also came bundled with a Les Paul Junior guitar, made by Gibson's entry-level brand Epiphone. The Les Paul Junior itself comes with the single bridge pickup, as usual for this model. The traditional "soapbar" type P-90 pickup has been swapped out for a full humbucker, however, which should give the axe a thicker tone with less hum, when played through a proper guitar amp.
Rocksmith bundled with a sunburst Epiphone Les Paul
 guitar, for either Xbox 360 or PS3. PC gamers will
have to bring their own guitar.

Will it work with my Line 6 Pod interface?

These bundle sets only seem to be available for the consoles, however. The upcoming PC version of the game, set for a December 13th release, can only be pre-ordered "as is", from Amazon and the likes. But considering how many hobby guitarists who have been hooking their guitars up to the computer for many years already, question is whether even this new, spectacular "guitar-to-USB" dongle that comes with the game, would really be necessary if the game already had built-in support for the common Line 6 Pods, M-Audio Fast Tracks and other instrument interfaces that have been on the market even long before Guitar Hero and Rock Band were even perceived.

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