MUSIC VIDEOGAMES | The new Rocksmith game that uses real electric guitars as your "controller" has been out for almost a week now and as mentioned earlier, it also reaches the PC platform just in time for the Holidays, in mid December.

Some criticism that's been stated so far is that while adapting well to newbies as well as intermediate guitarists, the songs in the game are generally to basic for players that are already more experienced with the instrument, hoping to take their playing to an even higher level, developing some serious chops from some good old Megadeth thrashers.

Unsure whether Rocksmith is anything for you? Just check out the complete song list below!

The Rolling Stones, with no less than three songs
included in Rocksmith
Judging by the songs included in the game, one can easily tell there are definitely no shred-tastic speed metal songs to go nuts with. There's no funky Santana soloing going on here either. Instead Ubisoft seem to have picked the usual "beginner guitar songs" like Sweet Home Alabama, House of the Rising Sun and Song 2, that could already be found in every typical "beginner guitar book" and resource on the web. Furthermore, they made the typical choice of having a couple of Nirvana tunes thrown in as well, for some additional power chord practice, besides the aforementioned Song 2. Apparently the gaming studio also got along especially well with The Rolling Stones' management, resulting in three songs of the veteran band making their way to this game.

It's evident that Rocksmith is meant for everyone to play. The song list is rather mainstream as a result, with nothing that really sticks out of the mass, by the verge of instead being perceived as bland and uninspired.

Let's hope there'll be more downloadable songs in the for the game coming up in the future, letting its players practice the songs they really want to learn. As useful a certain technique or fingering of a certain song may be, nothing is more inspiring than learning a song you really like in the first place!

Rocksmith's complete song list
(with YouTube video links)

The Animals — House of the Rising Sun
Best Coast — When I’m With You
The Black Keys — Next Girl
The Black Keys — I Got Mine
Blur — Song 2
The Boxer Rebellion — Step Out The Car
Cream — Sunshine Of Your Love
The Cribs — We Share The Same Skies
The Cure — Boys Don’t Cry
Dan Auerbach — I Want Some More
David Bowie — Rebel Rebel
The Dead Weather — I Can’t Hear You
Eric Clapton — Run Back To Your Side
Franz Ferdinand — Take Me Out
The Horrors — Do You Remember
Incubus — I Miss You
Interpol — Slow Hands
Jarvis Cocker — Angela
Jenny O — Well OK Honey
Kings Of Leon — Use Somebody
Lenny Kravitz — Are You Gonna Go My Way
Little Barrie — Surf Hell
Lynyrd Skynyrd — Sweet Home Alabama
Muse — Unnatural Selection
Muse — Plug In Baby
Nirvana — In Bloom
Nirvana — Breed
Pixies — Where Is My Mind
Queens of the Stone Age — Go With The Flow
Radiohead — High And Dry
The Rapscallions — California Brain
Red Fang — Number Thirteen
Red Hot Chili Peppers — Higher Ground
The Rolling Stones — The Spider And The Fly
The Rolling Stones — Play With Fire
The Rolling Stones — (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Sigur Rós — Gobbledigook
Silversun Pickups — Panic Switch
Soundgarden — Outshined
Spoon — Me And The Bean
Stone Temple Pilots — Between The Lines
Stone Temple Pilots — Vasoline
The Strokes — Under Cover Of Darkness
Taddy Porter — Mean Bitch
Titus Andronicus — A More Perfect Union
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers — Good Enough
Velvet Revolver — Slither
White Denim — Burnished
The White Stripes — Icky Thump
The xx — Islands
Yellow Moon Band — Chimney

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