SOME BLOODY MUSIC | So....It is (or has been) Halloween today, correct? Guess a big, haunting Happy Halloween is in order.
Here you have it: Happy Bloody Halloween, folks!

My Halloween 2011 - a recap

I'm an awful late with this, I'm aware, but Halloween also hasn't yet become all that huge here in Scandinavia, so I actually was unaware of it until earlier today, when I had some little girls ringing the doorbell a-x-i-n-g *insert drumroll* for candy. They weren't as persistent and obnoxious as I understand American trick-or-treaters usually are, though. They weren't exactly "trick or treating" at all, as they didn't even use that phrase ("trick or treat?"), but instead just asked, straight up:

"Got any candy?"
Whereupon I responded:
The little youngsters then countered with:
"Okay, then..."
Then I shut the door and they just moved on to the next door.

End of story. No eggs tossed on the window. No manuring on the doormat. No cars getting keyed*. No nothing!
Hot dog costume

Later at night, some neighbour teens had a Halloween party, I supposed it was. I mean, they all had silly costumes on, but all they played was cheesy teenyboppin' dance music. What's up with that?

So anyway, if you're looking for some real Halloween inspired noise to blow your eardrums with, then rock, and even more so; metal is the way to go. Here's some bloody *another drumroll, please* nice Halloween inspired rock/metal/punk music for you.

Enjoy, kids!

Halloween inspired rock, metal and punk music

Ozzy Osbourne
Bark at the Moon
The Misfits

The Wildhearts


Smashing Pumpkins
Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Alice Cooper
Feed My Frankenstein

Rob Zombie

* Scraping paint off a car using a sharp key.

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