TECHNOLOGY FICTOID | There's a lot of interesting new features rolling out on Facebook right now, as you probably have noticed. With competition tougher than ever from other social media platforms twitter and Google+ especially, it's essential to lead the way with the new features that no 14 year old teenager hungry for acceptance can live without. This new feature should then come as no surprise.

Facebook now notifies by PMS.
Apart from receiving notifications through the usual distribution channels, already including e-mail, text messaging (SMS), iPhone and Android apps as well as RSS feeds, the Facebook developers constantly try their best to get even more acquainted and intimate with their users. The next step is taking use of the PMS system, which half the population already have built into their very bodily systems:

"With the new PMS notifications, we do our best to help our female users through a period that we know is very troublesome, by giving them some ratification in exchange" -Paul Moody Stevenson, Facebook dev.

PMS trigger. Get (even more) grumpy when
someone tags you!
For its male users, an add-on is in the making, that is much like the "empathy belly" for sympathetic men emulating their wives' or girlfriends' pregnancy, here instead making them even more grumpy each time someone tags them in some picture of a butt monkey. Thus enabling them to feel what women have since the age of time.
Disclaimer: This article may have minor diversions from reality.

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