MUSIC | Lou Reed and Metallica are collaborating, as you probably have heard. Apparently they've made some kind of overly pretentious concept album together that only seems to have resulted in a big fiasco. At least according to Mr. Danko Jones, frontman as well as namesake for the popular Canadian rock band which is about to start off another European tour next month. Danko, who was amongst the earlier listeners of the album, had the following to say about the new Metallica/Lou Reed album, entitled "LULU":

-Danko Jones official Twitter (@dankojones), October 23, 2011.

Danko Jones sarcastically stating he's selling off his Metallica
collection online. Better not use their artwork, though - Lars
might throw another lawsuit claim on you, Danko!
Danko Jones also mentioned the event on their
official Facebook page earlier today.

Metallica & Lou Reed - "The View"
Here's a little taster of Metallica and Lou Reed's collective work. A song called "The View", which currently has 12,836 dislikes on YouTube. Good or dud? Judge for yourselves:

Metallica & Lou Reed's "LULU" is set for release on October 31st, 2011. Danko Jones' European tour begins on November 17th in Finland.


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