MUSIC | Got the deluxe 2 disc edition of the brilliant Metric album "Fantasies" in the mail the other day. I've listened to it on Spotify a lot earlier, though. However, I didn't make this interesting discovery until now. Here we go:

As I put the record on, and the initial notes of Help I'm Alive were playing, I noticed a striking similarity to the old Jimmy Eat World gem Lucky Denver Mint, recorded a whole decade earlier. Could this really be a coincidence?

Judge for yourself:

Jimmy Eat World
Lucky Denver Mint (1999)

Jimmy Eat World - Lucky Denver Mint (off their sophomore
Clarity, recorded in 1999)

- 10 years later -

Help I'm Alive (2009)

Metric - Help I'm Alive (off the 2009 album Fantasies)

Two great tracks that are quite different, still very, very similar, due to their identical drumming patterns as well as tone! Now what do you think of the two, and their relation?

(Originally posted on MySpace 2010-12)

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