VIDEOGAMES | A game I've been waiting on with great anticipation over the last half a year or so, is the continuation of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum came from out of nowhere and blew everyone away with its brilliance in 2009. After seeing one mediocre (at best) Batman game after the other being released, that were cashing in on TV cartoons and LEGO figures, rather than using the actual movies as a basis, I had already given up the idea of seeing a proper Batman game true to the live action movies. Batman Begins actually had a decent GameCube and Playstation 2 adaptation which had many similarities to the new Arkham series of games, but quite frankly apart from those aforementioned, the last Batman game I can think of that's been worthy of carrying its name, would be the game simply entitled "Batman", made for the NES* after the 1989 movie by the same name.

Batman: Arkham City - IGN's review

Arkham City appears to take off where Arkham Asylum left off. And as the title indicates, the twisted bad seeds of the previous title have now left the asylum to run amuck in the city itself, just waiting for our Dark Knight to be dealt with.

The game mechanics appears to be left intact since Arkham Asylum, with cool stealth moves mixed with the usual, raw action sequences employing simple and intuitive fighting controls. The many cool Bat gadgets from the predecessor luckily also reappear in this game, such as the Batarang and explosive gel, helping you break through walls etcetera.

Catwoman and Robin playable?

Many new and long-awaited old characters of the franchise will also make their appearances in Arkham City, such as Catwoman and Santa...*chuckles*... Batman's little helper, Robin. Both of which will be playable. The former will not be included in the game straight out-of-the-box, however, to instead be released as a separate downloadable content (DLC), according to IGN's review (watch below).

"But he doesn't look nor sound anything like Danny DeVito!"

Danny DeVito's Penguin of Batman Returns is
unarguably 500 % more penguinny and creepy
looking than his 2011 digital least!
Another sought after villain finally showing up in a proper Batman game is the Penguin, who has very little resemblance to Danny DeVito's incarnation in the sophomore Bat movie Batman Returns (1992). Even with his looks taken aside, the voice acting seems quite odd also, making the Penguin appear to be an Irishman.

A character most people would preferred to forget after enduring the ridiculously cheesy slapstick movie Batman & Robin of 1997, is Guvernor Schwarzenegger's character Mr. Freeze. Hopefully his return in this digital form will be slightly less embarrassing and comical. Harley Quinn, introduced in the modern animated series, and already appearing in the Arkham Asylum game, will also return in Arkham City.

Any fan of the Batman franchise who also appreciate great videogames, has a lot to look forward to next week, when Arkham City finally hits the shops on Tuesday the 18th of October** (2011).

Can't wait to give it a spin!


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* = Nintendo Entertainment System
** Release date refers to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions. PC version is set for a later release, unfortunately.  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!