VIDEOGAMES | Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios did their best to keep the lid on as long as possible, but have now announced that the PC release of the new Batman game Arkham City will be out on November 18th - exactly a month after its Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 launch date. Delaying PC releases has historically been seen as a tactical move to encourage gamers to buy legitimate console copies, instead of dowloading the PC equivalent illegally off the Internet.
Batman: Arkham City - box art of the 
upcoming PC version of the game

Already leaked?

Rumour has it, however, that the PC version of Arkham City has already been leaked. If this is true, then needless to say, countless of PC gamers are likely downloading the game as we speak.

With that in mind, the natural thing to ask oneself is how the publishers will be tackling this. Will they perhaps reconsider and release the title sooner, as some form of counter attack? It's certainly happened before, in the music industry...


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