Can this third-rate product really be ninja approved?

NINJA ACCESSORIES Howdy, folks, just an insignificant little update for you, and it's somewhat of a pet peeve, actually!

Short story long, I got my new Ninja Gaiden (pronounced "guy-DENN!!", not "gay den") wallet from Amazon today, thinking it'd be a good replacement for my trusty old Alice in Chains cashieeeyr, in need for a healthy retirement fairly soon. It seemed like the same sort of base model to me, only with different print/motif on the sides. But make no mistake, kids, they're not the same at all.

The "new" one (which is already kind of dated, considering it's Ninja Gaiden II merch) is a lot stiffer. And not just because it's not been worn in yet - it's in a completely different material altogether. I don't think either of them are genuine leather, but my old one at least had a nice, rugged texture to it, and a nice flexible yet sturdy feel to it. 

"Keep the change, I've no place to put it"

But what's even worse -- the Ninja wallet doesn't even have a goddamn coin slot! Just for the sake of this stoopid ID card holding, window pocket ding-dong, in its place. Who the hell needs that? The thing already has three card slots, plus four plastic sleeves dedicated for credit cards also. Was the additional room for an eight card, alternatively some photograph, really that important? What's the more fundamental feature of a wallet, anyway? A place to put the change, or a place to put a picture of your adorable chinchilla pup?

...Neither has this guy.
The coin sack omission makes the NGII wallet barely weigh anything, however. That might be a good thing, not slowing your chops down, or impairing your ninja agility too much having a heavy sack o' dough to carry around.

My vertict

Maybe I'll just strip the chain and belt loop off the new one and use those on my old AiC cash keeper for another year. Those were the only parts that were starting to fail on me anyway. It's not like the main chunk of wallet would likely tear apart anytime soon, hopefully.

Ninja Gaiden 2 may not the hottest title amongst gamers, by the time of writing being 2013. But it was the cheapest replacement wallet I was able to find on this side of the Atlantic. If you want one yourself (which I highly doubt), here's some places where you can get one:

NINJA GAIDEN Tri-Fold WALLET w/ Chain - $15.99 at Amazon US
Ninja Gaiden: Ninja Gaiden 2 Logo Wallet with Chain - $14.99 at Amazon US

Got mine from the UK for less than five quid. Real nice deal, I figured. A tad pricier in the US, oddly enough... That's rarely the case otherwise.

Ah well, hope you found this half-assed little review helpful. If you did, please like it on Twitter, give it a thumbs sideways on YouTube, a +1½ on Myspace (*snicker* ..Myspace) and a pin in your Headbook!

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