MUSIC Another great 90's band from UK that somehow didn't quite get the recognition they deserved was China Drum. A punk-pop/rock outfit which should please any fan of bands like 3 Colours Red, Compulsion, Hüsker DüA, Feeder and perhaps The Wildhearts' earlier work. And if those mentioned don't ring any bell either, then perhaps Green Day might?

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt having a stroll, sporting a black China Drum tee, in the video for the band's classic hit single "When I Come Around", off their commercial break-through Dookie, of 1994.
China Drum was on the verge of making it big time, back in the day, touring with Green Day among others. And the American punksters were apparently great fans of their European tour mates themselves. In Green Day's music video for "When I Come Around", bassist Mike Dirnt could even be noted wearing a China Drum t-shirt.

The band China Drum later renamed themselves "The Drum", by the name of which they released their third and final album "Diskin" in 2000. And unfortunately they disbanded the year after.

Check out some of their videos below, and hopefully you'll like what you're hearing!

China Drum - "Barrier"

A personal fave. Just imagine seeing something like this on MTV today, crammed in between the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom marathons...

China Drum - "Last Chance"

The boys go full-fledged gangsta in this slightly ska-influenced homage to Tarantino classic Reservoir Dogs.

China Drum - Can't Stop These Things

Great special effects in this one (by 90's indie-budget video standards).

China Drum discography

Barrier E.P. (1995)
CD | MP3 (unavailable)
Goosefair (1996)
CD | MP3
Self-Made Maniac (1997)
CD | MP3
Diskin (2001) - Released under the name The Drum
CD | MP3  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!