Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne
"MUSIC" As you've probably heard, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are getting married. It'll be interesting to see how the fans of the respective two will react to this in the long run. If they'll react at all. That is perhaps the main question; does anybody really care anymore?

Punk princess with all her ideals gone down the drain

I can honestly say that Avril's first two records weren't too bad. The songs at least had some sort of personal meaning to her, which gave them some sort of depth. From then on it went downhill musically. Cheeky kindergarden music, with lyrics with a bunch of cussing mixed in? She also gave up her old punk rebel ideals of not trying too hard to please the eyes, and to keep her clothes on and strictly sell music and not sex, which was very clear about. Almost to the degree of ridicule, bashing on other female musicians of her generation for being too pretty and nice.

That was then. Now she's got her own perfume and nail polish, makes carefree bubblegum pop muzzak for seven-yearolds and appears half nude in magazines and music videos.

Avril Lavigne - then and now

Losing Grip, from the album Let Go (2003)
Here performed live, in tears...
What the Hell, from the album Goodbye Lullaby (2011)

Grungy or just sleazy?

I actually found Nickelback interesting too, back in the days of their full-lenght debut The State, by which time they were still very much unknown to the masses. The State was more of a post-grunge record than the bland crap they make today, and I actually kinda liked it. It had a nice raw sound to it and didn't appear over-produced as a lot of modern rock records do.

Then came the big break-through album Silver Side Up, which took them on a more metallic route, but was still pretty decent. On The Long Road which came thereafter, they were getting too big for their own good. They could score chicks to bang more easily, apparently, which lead to Kroeger starting to let his dick take over the songwriting. The Long Road was still bearable for the most part, but after that, the songs just got dumber and dumber, and even less original. So over the last 10 years I honestly haven't given a rat's arse about this band and don't see how they still can make a living off of this nonsense.

Nickelback - then and now

Breathe, from the album 
"The State" (2001)

Gotta Be Sumbooow-dee, from some newer record that I'm not familiar with

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