T.V. POOP | Don't know if you've heard this in other parts of the world, but over here in little Sweden, this is HUGE! This big scoop in the news lately has been the SHOCKING revelation of the new "hidden" brothel / bordello activities that are taking place AS WE SPEAK, performed through businesses marketed as THAI MASSAGE joints:

Above: Actual, legitimate thai massage (a.k.a. dry-humping)
The well recognised, credible TV programme Kalla fakta  (~"Hard Fact", or for the verbatim interpretation: "Cold Fact") on Swedish TV4, even had a reporter infiltrating one of these "suspicious" thai massage places with hidden camera, fake moustache and the whole shebang. Only watched the trailer myself, but I bet the show was very entertaining!

Elton John .... GAY? - Gaaah!
They may just be onto something here...
Apparently these illegal sexual services that are being offered after the foreplay (ie. the actual massage) are referred to as "Happy Endings". Seriously, though: for an untrained eye regarding the tradition of Thai massage, what are the differences essentially between thai massage and actual coitus - apart from the latter being done with pants on? I bet most Thai massage "clients" are just in it for the dry humpin' anyway. And besides, I can assume that a fair share of those customers already get a "happy ending" just from the "massage" alone, so what's the big deal here? Have I missed something, or what?

Anyhow, I'm much looking forward to see what other shocking news they'll unravel in later Kalla fakta episodes of this season...

In next week's show I heard they will reveal the gasping story that Elton John might be GAY!
...Or some equally MIND-BLOWING piece of news anyone above 10 can figure out with their a-s-s already.

Hooray for investigative journalism at its most naive form.

For the few of you who understand Swedish, here's more of the Kalla fakta episode referred to in this text: Thaimassagesalonger - en ny typ av bordeller (TV4.se)

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