GAMING | As I mentioned in part one of this GTA 5 trailer analysis, the footage gave away a few hints who the playable character will be. If you look closely, you can see this guy reappearing a few times throughout the clip. Judging by how the trailer was narrated, I initially got the idea that the guy cruising the convertible checking out a chick crossing the street, was supposed be the guy talking in the video. But he appears too young compared to the other images of the guy of interest that you see later flashing by.

Here's a little collage of pictures of the guy who I think is..

The playable character(s) of Grand Theft Auto V

In part one I also mentioned the rumours of a playable female character, which the trailer did not give any hints regarding. However, notice the picture of a couple exercising on the penthouse balcony, appearing whilst the narrator says ", I bought a big house..." Could the woman perhaps be a partner in crime? Only time will tell, as this story unfolds further...

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