GAMING | Rockstar Games have now released their first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which spread like wildfire on the Internet video hosts. As seen in the trailer, this installment of the series sees the return to a fictitious Californian city inspired by Los Angeles. The well recognisable Hollywood sign is there as well, with slight modification, here instead being spelled "Vinewood".

The short video clip doesn't give away too much about the the story, or who the main characters in the game will be. This initial trailer is quite obviously for putting the blistering new graphics, and world design on display. So instead of any in-game footage, we get to see sporadic pre-rendered wide angle shots of random people doing their everyday activities, along with more pre-rendered palm trees, smoggy skies, and dirty streets in this trailer.

Playable characters

Judging by the narrator who's talking in first person, the new lead character in this game will be yet another guy with a criminal record, trying to get a fresh start, being a good, responsible citizen, but inevitably gets caught up with his own reality. The footage gave away a few hints who the playable character will be. If you look closely, you can see one guy reappearing a few times throughout the clip.

No female protagonist?

Despite rumours, no female protagonist was suggested as far as this trailer goes. Just one guy, as usual. This new character the video alludes you to think is the playable one, doesn't even look that different to Niko Bellic. Don't know what you think, but it would be quite refreshing with something different this time, if you ask me. If not (as good as) a fully optimisable character creation feature as in the new (as well as the previous) Saints Row game, then at least a few different characters to choose from. But I suppose the game is too story driven and cutscene heavy for that to be happening.

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