Honk if you've heard this before.

She walked under a bus, got hit by a train - Where is BACHELOR GIRL now?

MUSIC This old 90's classic returned to my conscience the other day, as I heard some other song with a similar harmony, thus reminding me of it. MTV used to play this all the time on in the late 90's. So did the Swedish counterpart ZTV - a youthful network also broadcasting a lot of music videos back then. But rather than resorting to reality TV, ZTV simply went off the air, when mp3's and Spotify made the music video more or less obsolete in the 00's. Anyway, I digress...
The 1998 album that would launch their short lived career.

Breakthrough and Career Peak

Bachelor Girl was an Aussie duo, comprised of producer/composer/all-round musician James Roche, and singer Tania Doko. They obviously got a massive hit with the song Buses and Trains, off their debut album "Waiting for the Day" of 1998, which spurred four more single releases, each of which were met with less and less public interest.

Unreleased album and breakup

The follow-up album "Dysfunctional" of 2002 was fairly successful in their homeland Australia, but not enough to keep the duo from splitting up the year after, with a third LP already recorded, which never saw the light of day. Not until some cuts interestingly enough appeared on a Greatest Hits compilation in 2011. Ironic how unheard songs can be considered "hits," ain't it?

Anyhow, James and Tania briefly reunited Bachelor Girl for a short tour the same year to raise some new interest for the band, promoting their Greatest Hits release. The remaining 11 tracks of the unreleased 3rd LP "Beautifully Wrong" then eventually came out of the drawer, now bearing the sub-title "The Lost Songs".

Where are they now?

Bachelor Girl, around the time of their reunion of 2011.
Before the brief Bachelor Girl reunion, Tania had already started pursuing her solo career. She made a 6 track mini album called "It's Time" in 2009, working with her former band mate James Roche as a producer. Since then, she has also collaborated with fellow Aussies The Veronicas, as well as with various DJ's, seeing her depart from the usual guitar pop of which she's most recognised, into the icky dance music territory.

As of today, Sept. 2013

Tania now resides in my home country; little Sweden! According to her website, she now works as a vocal and performance coach for a company based in Stockholm. She only performs at private events at this point.

Interesting how the cookie crumbles...

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