GAMING The new Tomb Raider game hits stores tomorrow (March 5th, 2013). Apart from the standard n00b Edition, it will be available in two exclusive, limited editions; namely the Survival Edition, and the most extravagant Collector's Edition. -- Find out what sets them apart in this entry!

What's new in 2013's Tomb Raider

It's been a long wait since the last Tomb Raider instalment Tomb Raider: Underworld hit the store shelves, but now it's finally time for a new, younger, more fragile Lara to strap on the jungle boots and pull on her tight little green tank top and head on with a new (or old, rather?) adventure. The new game of 2013 is meant to be a complete fresh start for the series, and therefore simply bears the title Tomb Raider, plain and simple.

In a way, this is also the third rendition of the series, where Tomb Raider Anniversary was a direct remake of the PlayStation 1 original of 1996, with modernised graphics and more fluid controls. Tomb Raider of 2013 is instead a completely new game, set place before the events in the previous titles in the series.

With that formal introduction out of the way, let's take a look at the goodies that come with the game, if you have the extra dough to spare.

Collectors vs Survival vs Final Hours edition

Standard Edition

If you just want the game itself, the 360/PS3 cheapo editions go for £32 in Europe and $59.99 in the US. The PC version is a tad cheaper, selling at £25 and $44.99 respectively.

The Survival Edition

The intermediate step up from the standard edition of the game comes with the following additional goodies:
  • A hard cover art book with fancy sketches, drawings and stuff of that nature - measuring 4.5 by 7.5 inches, or roughly 11.5 by 19 centimetres if you're not an imperialist.
  • A 4 by 6 inch "survival pouch" with a picture of Lara on it. 
  • A double sided poster with an island map on one side, and something else on the other (box art would be my guess).
  • The 10 track music score. Not sure whether this comes on a CD, or if it's just a DLC code. The latter seems more common these days, however.
  • A weapon pack DLC.
  • And finally, an exclusive packaging to fit all this stuff in.
    (Yes, it's a ####ing cardboard box!)
In Europe the survival edition currently goes for £49.99 for the 360 and PS3.
The PC version knocks ten quid off, currently selling at £39.99.

The Collectors Edition - the Best

The most complete Tomb Raider experience comes with the Collector's Edition, which gets you the following loot of highly collectible paraphernalia:
  • Everything included in the Survival Edition (apart from the box).
  • An 8 inch (20.3 cm) Lara Croft figurine. Holding a BOW!!!
  • The package is also delivered in an exclusive "survival tin".
    (Suppose "cookie jar" didn't have enough of an adventurous ring to it.)
The collector's edition currently goes for $99.99 in the US, and £69.99 in Europe on Xbox 360 and PS3. 
The PC version was £49.99 last time I checked, but seems to be unavailable at the moment.

The Final Hours Edition

The Final Hours Edition is a limited release exclusive to the North American market. Only available for those who pre-ordered the game. It comes with the following extras:
  • Exclusive Art Book
  • In-Game Skin for Lara
  • Digital copy of Geoff Keighley's, "The Final Hours of Tomb Raider" for the Kindle Fire
  • An access code for the pre-order Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt to unlock DLC items and a chance to win prizes
  • The Shanty Town Multiplayer Map - This ramshackle area features steep climbs, multiple ziplines for quick escapes, and deadly traps to set for your enemies. 
The price is the same as the standard edition; $59.99. After the game has hit stores, it will be replaced by the regular release.

Exclusive Tomb Raider controllers

Not bundled with the game at all, is this distressed, red Xbox 360 controller. Hell yeah, I'd sure like a red controller! The bandages, however... Not so much.

Not sure why they didn't bother to make another red one for the PS3. Instead they get an ugly 3rd party controller that's just in regular black with a cheap sticker on it.

Was the 360 their main concern, developing this game, or what? Who knows. Let's hope Tomb Raider won't be another unpleasant Skyrim affair for the PS3 users.

At least Playstation 3 players had the opportunity of getting InFamous 2 bundled with a red controller a few years back.

Which version to get

What I'm guessing most people are interested in, is the figurine. That is also the only thing that essentially sets the two TR bundles apart. Unless you desperately need a new jar for your biscuits, the figurine itself is the only reason why you'd want to shell out the extra clams for the full Collector's Edition.

Lara > Batman

That said, if you happen to have the collector's edition for the Arkham City, you'll notice that the figurine coming with Tomb Raider will be nearly twice as high as the Batman dito. Even when taking into account the fact that Batman's crouching, while Lara stands upright; the Lara figurine is still significantly bigger. 

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 vs. PC - Endless choices

I'll probably end up with the collector's edition myself. Just haven't decided which system to get it for yet. Xbox 360? Playstation 3? The PC version is cheaper and probably does a better job reproducing our dear grave defiler. But could my rig handle the massive amount of polygons put into this fair lady?

So now you tell me - which bundle will you get your hands on, and for which platform?

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