BATMAN MOVIE THEATRE MASSACRE | Hope none of you went to see the new Batman movie in Aurora today. Don't get me wrong; I truly do hate seeing events like these taking place - but them yanks sure love their guns...

Been watching CNN quite a bit today, due to the horrific shootout at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, where the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, premiered.

It's a sad day for the people of Aurora, as well as anyone who appreciates the idea of going to the movies without getting slaughtered...
A staggering 72 percent of the Republicans find the freedom to carry guns more important than keeping them under control, according to CNN. Instead they'd rather ban down on violent movies and video games, even music, apparently. I personally find it quite hard to see entertainment such as action movies based off of comic books, would enrage anyone that isn't already insane into violent acts of this nature.

Americans are peculiar, aren't they? Just take this scene from Sacha Baron Cohen's "real life" comedy flick Brüno, in which Cohen's queer alter-ego decides to go a cage fight at some MMA event. While the crowd considers watching two people bludgeon one another half to death to be good, clean family entertainment, they go completely mental as soon as the two fellas instead start kissing. It's really an upside-down world, isn't it? Two guys can literally beat the crap of one another, but as soon as they start expressing love and physical attraction, then it's gone too far, apparently.

Foo Fighters - Aurora

Anyway, here's some real, decent entertainment that everybody can enjoy without anyone getting hurt in the process.

May our thoughts go out to the victims and their families on this dark, sad day.

And may your politicians take the actions necessary to minimise the chances of something of this ugly nature to ever happen again.

Peace out!

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