MOVIE PARODIES The upcoming Batman movie as of 2012, titled 'The Dark Knight Rises', has already some of its soundtrack unveiled. And according to the reputable Internet film connoisseur the Nostalgia Critic, it's nothing but a tribute to dishy lingerie, Italian food and boxing ma's!

Watch/listen to both the original, and the funny parody in this entry!

The thug Bane, who recently made an entry in the latest Batman video games Arkham City, as well as the prequel Arkham Asylum - will apparently also appear on the silver screen this summer.

A theme song, of sorts, has already been composed for this big, bad juggernaut of a villain. The pumping, violent 'The Fire Rises' suggest some kind of riot or uprising going on amongst a bunch of bad boys. They appear to innervate one another with hate and anger to this heavy beat, while chanting some sort of mantra in a foreign language.

You can have a listen to this new Bane theme 'The Fire Rises' below, if you haven't done so yet:

Nostalgia Critic's Bane theme parody (Batman: The Dark Knight)

Even though the words are indecipherable to most of us, Internet movie critic Doug Walker, better known as the Nostalgia Critic, made an attempt to interpretate this enigmatic piece of music. And it seems pretty darn spot-on to me!

Check it out, right below:

And for a conclusion:

Even though the score may appear intimidating at a first listen, fear not; the song is actually a tribute to neat women's underwear, pasta and boxing mothers! And what's seriously not to like about that?

Glad you cleared that up, Doug! - Cheers!
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