OPINION  Not sure how much though he put behind this, but Hollywood actor Denzel Washington doesn't seem too open minded when it comes to free thinking. Not as far as religion goes, at least.

Denzel Washington comparing Atheists with conscienceless killers

The well-known American actor made a brief appearance in Internet gaming magazine IGN's video news broadcast "Weekly 'Wood", describing his role character in the upcoming motion picture 'Safe House'. Denzel is portraying a cold-hearted psychotic killer in this particular film. Below are the words Mr. Washington himself use, to describe his character:

He's willing to do whatever. You know...
He has no conscience, he has no remorse - he's an Atheist. He's a murderer, he's a liar... And he wants to win. So he'll do whatEVER it takes.
Denzel appears at 1:48

First of all, I DO respect Mr. Washington highly for his work the movie industry. He's certainly a talented actor, so I hate to break this down... But, sometimes I can't help wondering what century some people live in. Religion is a free choice nowadays, you'd like to think. Especially in the developed western world. And most of us have indeed left the Middle Ages behind us, and along with it the crusades and head-hunting for heretics. You don't have to sacrifice your life for free thinking, these days. But sadly some people still seem to look down on people that don't share their beliefs, with almost the same kind of contempt, even today.

Just watch and listen closely to the tone and expression of Mr. Washington's face when he takes the word "Atheist" in his mouth. -- Dismissing and full of contempt. Not to mention the context in which he uses the word as well: "No conscience, No remorse - he's an Atheist."

Denzel Washington - doesn't care much for free thinkers,
Us free thinking renegades are apparently nothing more than a bunch of soulless, empty vessels to Mr. Washington? Or is there any other way to perceive his statement?

Now think about this for a moment: Rather than Atheist, imagine him instead saying "Jew" or "Arab" in that sentence. That would be an outrage! But as he's now "only" trash-talking modern, secular people, it's apparently acceptable. But then again, atheists don't start a war against dissidents. They don't go starting hate campaigns, smearing people for believing in something. They don't make much of a scene, usually. I'd guess that makes us an easy target, huh?

The Verdict

Being disrespectful towards free thinking, and despising people who don't share their belief is either to be considered fascism, or possibly a sign of having one's head waaaay too deep up one's ass. And for showing this kind of narrow-mindedness publicly, I hereby grant the (un)official use of Conan O'Brien's official ASS stamp. Congratulations, Mr. Washington!

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