It's been a while, but here's a new Da Capo entry. Listen to the choruses especially in these two anthemic punk-rock tunes!

First up is the Wildhearts gem 'Just in Lust', from the 1995 album "P.H.U.Q."

..And next up we have the song 'D.I.B.' (Drenched in Blood) by Norwegian band Turbonegro. Released in 2003 on the album "Scandinavian Leather".

The similarity is rather striking, as you can hear. But which one is the better? I'll leave that up to you to decide!

Quite interesting also, is the fact that the same Turbonegro album from 2003 includes a song called 'Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed'. That same year, The Wildhearts released an album titled "The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed". I would guess that both bands were refering to the 1969 horror film "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed", rather than making cross-references one another, however.

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By the way, if you still want to know my opinion on which of the two songs initially discussed, you'll find it by reading on the cereal package below:

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