Saw some news on IGN today that the PlayStation 4 is most UNlikely to be announced this year (of 2012). If this is true, I'm guessing we won't be seeing any new home console from Sony until the holidays of 2013, or perhaps early 2014.

With a nice library of exclusives, combined with a very nice deal on the 320GB version of Sony's current-gen console, I figured it was finally time for me to snag one of them PS3's + a bunch of hot exclusives!

Find out which in this entry!

PS Vita - another good reason for getting a PS3

The new successor of the PlayStatation Portable; the Playstation Vita, which is just around the corner, will also have some neat features that enables the two consoles (Vita and PS3) to interconnect. Among other things, this will give owners of both consoles the option of streaming their PS3 games in full quality onto the handheld console. So in other words: it's still not too late to get a PS3!

But, as I said, I made my first purchases for the PS3 earlier today, as seen below. These are the first five (or seven, to be precise) games I went for. Note: these are all PS3 exclusive games. Being a lucky owner of both the Xbox 360 and the Wii (as well as a PC or two, obviously) for many years, I'm only in for the exclusive goodies!

Uncharted 1 & 2 (Double Pack)

The action adventure series Uncharted, which have been called "some of the best games ever made", was also one of my main incitements of finally getting the PS3. In a time where the only Indiana Jones games available are made to promote a Danish company making multi-coloured plastic bricks, Nathan Drake (of the Uncharted series) doesn't seem to have any worthy competition at all. Not until Ms. Croft decides to return later this year, anyway...

As a major fan of the Tomb Raider series, and action adventures in general, this easily became my first ever purchase. Gathered here are the first two games of the so far 3 titles released for the system. They're called Drakes Fortune, and Among Thieves, respectively. Unlike the box set for the US market, neither of the two games in the Euro/PAL package are the GOTY editions, which has the DLC's included. And that's a bit of a bummer.

Heavy Rain (Move Ed.)

Released a few years back, was this great cinematic thriller. Heavy Rain has now been updated with motion controls, which happened quite recently, I think. Not sure whether the Move system does a whole lot to this particular title, however... It's not a tennis game or anything, really... Would you really want to work out and wave your arms like a fool in front of a great, suspenseful movie? Not sure myself.

Either way, you still have the option of using your regular controller, even with this new "Move Edition", so there's no reason to pass it up if you don't own PS Move, or just don't feel like using the motion controls. All standard copies of the game will be updated to the Move Edition regardless, so it won't really make any difference which version you choose. "Move" was the cheapest one, so that made the choice rather easy.

Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction + A Crack in Time (Double Pack)

Aah, platformers! Another genre I really enjoy playing. The Ratchet & Clank series keeps reminding me of the lovely days of Nintendo's tight collaboration with UK studio Rare. They churned out the one amazing 3D platformer after the other for the N64. One of those were Jet Force Gemini - a futuristic, action packed, shooter set in colourful jungle environments. Hence, much like the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

I've played the prequel Size Matters on the PSP earlier, but didn't really feel that it came to justice on the portable platform. It had a few annoyances and didn't feel very well made, in my personal opinion. I'm guessing it was a cheap, cut down port of the PS2 game, much like the main bulk of the PSP's library. That said, I still have very high hopes for the full blown PS3 titles of the series. If anything, it's a worthy substitute of a Jet Force Gemini HD remake, that'll likely never happen, unless Rare goes back working for Nintendo, just in time for the Wii U to come out.

Heavenly Sword

Another game I was rather stoked about when it came out, was Heavenly Sword - an action adventure (accentuated on the action part) in the veins of God of War. Apparently it had some minor flaws, including the occasional drop of frame rate, which didn't make it the finest of its genre. But a great game nonetheless. Hopefully this minor flaw has been addressed through an update by now. Regardless, for just about £3 you really can't go wrong with this one. It's the price of a Big Mac, without accessories.

Extremely happy with this purchase!

Yakuza 4

The only new game of the bunch is this Japanese gangsta sandbox game. It's essentially a GTA type of brawler, mixed with J-RPG elements, where you earn experience points and  level up your character along the road. Apparently you play as four different blokes, each one with their own story.

I was split between Yakuza 3 and this one, for some time. This new fourth game was actually a tad cheaper, so I decided start off with this. I know IGN gave it a rather mediocre score (6.5), on the basis that it wasn't that much different from the prequel (Yakuza 3), which they gave an 8.5 out of 10. And Yakuza 4 is essentially a nicer looking game, with more playable characters. Fans of the earlier games seem to be very happy with Y4 as well, so if you're new with the series (like myself) Yakuza 4 should be a nice entry to start with, being the least dated one. And a brand new game for 9 quid is a real bargain!

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