FUNNY SH!T | Creating sound effects for films and video games is a time consuming and costly activity. Not only do you need a fitting environment with the right acoustic qualities, along with top notch recording devices. You also need to find the right props and materials to work with, to reproduce the exact sound you're looking for.

That makes me wonder how often the audio techs of the production companies ever pull off some easy tricks behind our backs. With a strict budget, you've got to cut somewhere in the production line. And the first thing they can accept compromising is likely not the graphics...

Half-Life 2 with all sound effects voice dubbed

This is a demo by a who guy calling himself Trase, who managed to replace virtually every sound effect within the game Half-Life 2, with his own voice. Apparently took him two no more than days!

Is this dubstep?

As silly it may seem, I doubt it's that far from the actual approach some audio creators employ in their profession. Trase himself states in the video, that he re-recorded some effects, since they instead sounded too realistic!

One sound effect quite common in games as well as movies, is that of a vacuum container which always appear to say "EXSSSS" when it opens. You typically hear this sound when you get energy power-ups in old school shooters, like Forsaken, Half-Life etc., but it's also quite common in sci-fi / action movies of the cheesier kind.

I wonder if the same woman makes all those versions of that specific sound. How's that for a living?
Hope she's getting her name listed in the end credits, anyway.

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