GAMING | The much anticipated brand new Legend of Zelda game Skyward Sword is finally out next Friday (Nov. 18th, 2011). The gaming press has been playing it for a few weeks already, and they're now starting to publish their reviews. What I've seen so far, Skyward Sword has received nothing but top scores and flattering superlatives. IGN's reviewer went even further, calling it the greatest Zelda game of all time. As promising as this sounds, especially after hearing some alarming criticism regarding a somewhat broken combat system (just watch the early E3 demo with Shigeru Miyamoto himself, which was a bit of an epic failure), Nintendo has now got a new headache to deal with...

Skyward Sword review

Video review by JustPushStart

Skyward Sword leaked for download online

Modern Warfare 3 heist. Here re-enacted using a scene
from the movie The Fast and The Furious
It's been reported that a few European video game shops broke the agreement with Nintendo regarding the  release date of the title, already starting to sell the game a whole week in advance. Not before long, someone obviously had the game ripped and put it online. That means you'll probably already find the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword floating about on a tracker near you. Poor Nintendo... But at least they have no reason to fear their distribution channels getting hijacked now, unlike the case with the sad French fellas delivering the title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to local video game shops last week - only to get the truck containing 6,000 copies of the game stolen. Now that's old school piracy!

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